The Come Up

First and foremost I would like to thank each person who visits my website today. I started this brand for myself to be honest. I was tired of wearing other peoples clothes. I was tired of paying 50 dollars for a t shirt with a famous and well known logo on it. So if none of my clothes sell, im not really losing anything because my goal in the first place was to wear my own clothes and create my own brand the way I wanted it. One thing that makes me different than any other clothing brand out there is that im not afraid to be real. I will tell you and explain each product how much i get it for, how much it costs to create them, how much im giving to charity, and how much im profiting on each item. No other company does that. Now my charity i decide to give to will be aimed toward world hunger. I am For Full belly's in this world. I know what its like myself to be truly hungry, to sleep on my stomach so I can fall asleep without hearing it growling. My heart goes out to world hunger. Instead of using "a portion of the proceeds go to so and so", I will openly show how many dollars go to what charity with proof. No dis respect to people who use the "a portion of the proceeds" but that could be anywhere from 1cent to lord knows what. And people are probably going to think im using the charity part to try to credit my brand and make it seem like im doing something good but still trying to profit on it. 


It is in my nature to give. Giving to me whether it be to homeless person on the street or donating it on a website, giving makes my heart smile. And if there was a way for me to own my own business while giving at the same time? If that were possible you bet your ass I would do that. This Simply Real is more than just t shirt or whatever. Its a reminder to myself Who I am. I am Simply Real. I choose to be myself and create clothes my way and give all at the same time. If you want to be apart of spreading my message of rocking my brand, of being simply real then lets get it. like I said I appreciate each and every person who's reading this who is visiting my website which I've had on my mind for years now. This is my dream. 

Thank You All & Much Love


CEO And Commander el Capitain In Chief 

-Vincent Bryan